Q: What sets our Poker Tables apart from the rest?  
  1. Quality
  2. Price
  3. Customer Service

  • WOOD: Our poker tables are composed of 3/4 inch thick wood.  Our wood is the strongest
    and most expensive wood used for building poker tables.  It is sturdy and will never warp.  

  • RAILS:  Our table rails are composed of 1" x 4" premium grade wood.  The rail is one piece
    and is attached with 16 wood screws which can be removed with a phillips head screwdriver.  
    Easy to change the surface down the line, (15 minutes max) plus I provide all the help you
    will need.  Other tables don't have removable rails.  Commonly the rail is staple gunned to
    the table, this is not a good thing b/c its not strong enough and once the felt wears the
    table will have to be trashed.

  • RAIL COVER:  Our tables use a super strong textured vinyl.  The vinyl is cut into pattern
    and then machine sewn for the perfect fit.  Other tables rails don't compare to ours in look,
    feel or quality.  Many tables will use duller looking almost grayish color rail vinyl, they aren't
    willing to pay the extra cost for the better looking vinyl.  Both are the exact same in
    strength, however our vinyl is smoother and more appealing.

  • FOAM:  The rails use High Density Foam.  This foam is the only foam that should be used for
    poker tables, however, it is not.  High Density foam is twice the price of standard foam and
    the difference is night and day.  HD foam provides a firm comfortable rail that won't collapse
    when rested upon.  Regular foam or mattress foam are utilized by many sellers b/c they are
    cheaper and easier to find.  Our tables exclusively use High Density Foam.

  • PLAYING SURFACE:  Our variety of playing surfaces speak for themselves.  Incorporating top
    of the line imported fabrics our table surfaces are the most unique you will find anywhere.  
    They are smooth and fast, and with many color options you won't have any problem finding
    your personal favorite.  When it comes to playing surfaces we only use the highest quality
    casino grade suited speed cloth(American Made).

  • TABLE LEGS:  700 lbs test rating and easy fold system for convenient storage.  The model
    of table legs we use lock into place, which is very important for stability.

  • Utilizing all top of the line materials how can our price be so reasonable?

  • Simple, Poker Shark Tables is a home based business that you deal with directly.  There is
    no middle man, you buy directly from the source saving you the tremendous mark-up you
    would find in a game store or massive online game table site.

  • When you buy one of our tables you are considered a valued customer.  Any help you will
    ever need with you table you can call or email and I will be here for you.  That goes for
    removing the rail to change the surface, where to purchase a new surface or you can buy it
    through me for a terrific discount, and any other questions you may have.  Since this
    business is home based you will never wait for assistance.  Detailed emails are sent every
    step of the way when you purchase a table, I provide you with an update of when your table
    ships out along with a tracking number to follow your shipment online.  You will never be
    ignored or write repeated emails that go unanswered, I am here for my customers
    completely.  Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you.
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