If you have already purchased one of Poker Shark Tables wonderful new suited poker tables
or have yet to order one, you will eventually want to get a nice set of chips and cards to
compliment.  Having been in this business a long time, I am offering this informational about the
various styles and options that are out there to help you make the right decision for you.  
pokersharktables does not currently sell cards or chips).  

The type of playing cards you use will have a great impact on your poker game. There's nothing
worse than playing poker with bad cards on a bad playing surface.  Plastic cards will last for
months or years compared to lasting only a few sit downs with paper cards.  Summary, get
Plastic Cards.  They are expensive but trust me while you are angry at what I told you to pay for
two decks of cards, after your first game your buddies will be asking where you got them b/c
they are so terrific and they can't live without them (not to mention they will last you almost

When it comes to playing cards there is one name that stands above the rest,
(Wide Size Jumbo Index) Poker playing cards are the best money can buy.

KEM cards are:

Made from cellulose acetate, the world's longest-lasting playing card material,
KEM cards will
always spring back to their original shape, even under the most rigorous playing conditions.
KEM cards are also almost impossible to mark or crease.  They are even washable!  KEM
casino cards contain no vinyl, which is the raw material used by all other casino card
manufacturers for their "plastic" casino cards and last at least 30 times longer than other plastic
cards and more than 100 times longer than paper cards.  These cards are terrific when utilized
with our diamond suited poker tables.  
Average Price:  $25.95 per 2 deck set.

Cheaper Alternative:  Copag Cards

COPAG cards

High quality 100% plastic playing cards.  
Copag has quickly become the favorite card amongst
poker players.  
Copag Cards are made in Brazil and are the best value in playing cards!  They
last almost as long as
KEM cards and cost less.  Copag cards are used in many major poker
tournaments around the world.  These cards are also amazing with our new suited poker tables.
Copag cards are the perfect compliment to our tables.   Average Price:  $16.95 per 2 deck set.

Summary:  If you own one of Poker Shark Tables diamond suited poker tables I personally
suggest picking up a set of KEM or Copag cards.  They work so well with the diamond suited
surface and last almost a lifetime.  Even though the price seems steep for a couple sets of
cards they are well worth it.  Hope this helps.

-Steve Chandler